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    Michael Santonato helps frustrated and stuck singles find a great partner and keep a great relationship.


    Michael is The Relationship Master, who co-authored the international Amazon.com best seller "Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life" and "Single & Stuck: Three Massive Mistakes Women Make in Their 30's" which has transformed the lives of single women in North America.


    Michael is also the real life ‘Good Luck Chuck’. Seven of Michael’s last nine girlfriends have gone on to marry or be engaged to their ideal partner. Sorry ladies, Michael is taken.


    He’s found his life partner in Sacred Sex & Intimacy Specialist Jessica Louise Li. Together they created The Sensational Sex Seminar, a place for couples and singles to take their sex life to outrageous ‘feel good’ levels.


    Michael’s most recent book "Find ‘Em & Keep ‘Em: A Guide to Attracting the Right Partner" was released in December 2015. Michael frequently writes for two popular online dating magazines, Eligible Magazine and Digital Romance.

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    Some of The People Who Have Succeeded With Me


    37, Divorced, Teacher/Real Estate Investor, NYC

    When I met Shannah, she was frustrated. Her past had been riddled by anger, sadness and plenty of upset. It stemmed from past based family abuse and negative experiences. After working with me for a few months, she was able to learn to have fun and date with ease and joy. We let go of several limiting beliefs and limiting decisions around men. She quickly learned how to trust herself and trust the men that she met which allowed her to attract Rich. They fell in love in a short period of time, and now they are happily married, and 40 weeks pregnant.


    39, Separated, HR Professional, Brampton

    When Asghar and I met, the dates he went on and the women he met were short lived. While working with me, he came to understand that he would give his heart away too easily. (He has a big heart and a lot of love to give.) Unfortunately, that attracted the wrong women into his life. Women who took advantage of him and played on his emotions. Together, we learned he needs to be selective about who deserves to love him and that only the right woman would be so lucky to be with a man with a heart so big. We defined who the right woman is, and he kept his heart for her. Shortly after, Gloria became the now special woman in his life and they are a happy and perfect match for each other in a long term committed relationship.


    38, Financial Planner, Toronto

    Leeza's story is one of true fairy tale romance. At age 15, Leeza met the man of her dreams, Dima. The two were sure to be soulmates and wanted to marry. But this was unacceptable to Leeza's mom who took the family to Canada from the home country of Moldova. The two were separated and tried to stay in contact but eventually fell apart. After her mothers passing in 2011, Leeza knew she wanted to be with someone. She found Michael and knew she could find the man of her dreams this way. And after several sessions with Michael, she began dating some great men. She even had a short term relationship which was fulfilling, but it didn't last. Leeza knew Dima was out there and found him. After some catch up and conversation it was obvious the mighty flame between them never died. The two were married in 2014.

  • I Needed Someone to Depend On


    "I really appreciate you. I've been experiencing waves of peace and happiness since our last session and I feel good. I feel free. I can count on you and that is amazing."


    -N.B. Interior Designer,

    Thornhill, ON 

    I learned who I am with you


    "That exercise we did was so powerful. I'm learning how important 'me time' is and me time is now. I'm getting my Jacque back and I'm so grateful Michael."


    "Good Guys are all around us. We've got to be open to them."


    -Jacque, Lawyer, Denver, CO

    I'm now happy being me


    "Thanks to you, I learned it was my own unworkability that attracted that man. I designed it so I could get through it. 


    I'm grateful for your listening and your understanding. I dont think anyone could have gotten me the way you did." 


    -M.R. Health Consultant, Richmond Hill, ON

    I dont know how you do it


    "After one phone call, I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You’re an amazing guy. I feel so much relief that someone out there cares like you do and knows how to help someone like me."


    -Sergio, Body Shop Owner,

    Woodbridge, ON

    You are the master


    "She was overcompensating with masculine energy so our dynamic was off. But now I know how to bring things back in balance. This would not have happened without this call. I am fully empowered to be my best self in the relationship now.”


    –JC, Business Owner, Toronto, ON

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