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My interview with Successful Author Peter Ragnar

Good Luck Master, Raw Vegan Only, Animal Whisperer, Chi Gong Practitioner, Husband, Author, Speaker and more

I was lucky enough to interview Peter Ragnar, one of my most favourite authors, speakers, and success/health/luck/energy Guru’s around. People from all over the world come to meet Peter. He lives such an amazing, vibrant, dynamic life. And you wont belief his age. It doesn’t matter anyway, but here is my conversation with him.

Michael: Peter, I’m honoured to be speaking with you because your audio’s on success, energy and luck made a huge difference for me. But I wanted to interview you since you seem to have such a fantastic relationship with your wife Katrina. You have a huge Facebook following where you happily post the goings on of your relationship. And it seems you two are as happy, in love and expressive about your relationship as if you were 13 year olds! I really enjoy what you share, it makes me laugh and feel great about relationships as I get older.

Peter: Thank you Michael! I like the quality of your voice! So please go ahead and shoot. (I smile excitedly.)

Michael: What would you say is an important factor for someone to consider when looking to start a relationship?

Peter: The very first thing that attracts us is physical attraction. On a physical, sexual animalistic level, we have to understand that there is a magnetic draw. But also there is the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connection. Are you on the same wavelength? As great as sex is, it’s only a very small part of relationships, big to start with but only a small part. People get themselves into trouble when its just about sex. After that, you have to have substance, there has to be more there. Both people have to be there and complement themselves.

Michael: What about you and Katrina?

Peter: Katrina and I got to know each other over Facebook. As much as you want to touch each other over Facebook, or the telephone, you cant. How much time you spend with someone is important. How open are you in your communication? How well do you listen?

Michael: I know listening is extremely important. How but how important is it?

Peter: Look at the classical profile in movies, husbands grabs newspaper, pretending to listen to wife, who is talking. We consider it funny, only funny because it’s truthful and awkward. By not listening, we make the other person feel non-existent. Its such a crucial part of solidifying a relationship. You have to want to listen. You have to want to listen to what they say. After they say something, we can hear them and try to analyze it. Or we can pause, digest it and allow it to sink into our hearts, and then appropriately respond.

Michael: There seems to be something happening with men these days, where we’re more open and able to listen more. Thankfully the image of the man with the newspaper on the lazy-boy is changing. It seems to me men are more compassionate and able to listen. Why do you think that is?

Peter: That’s a good question Michael. I think this is due to a lot of things. We have a cultural change. We are not as bigoted or biased as a society. We’re open to different kinds of relationships. What’s important is that people are loving each other. The masculine approach of trying to push through and force things, isn’t working. There’s more of feminine nature to balance that power and were seeing it on many levels — A universal level, with countries, at work. We are becoming more conscious. Katrina and I did videos on this, the divine feminine influence. There’s more of it in the world today. More women are involved in politics, business and corporate America.

Michael: What do you think about the divorce rate, how will it affect this? With parts of Florida at 85% divorce rate, Washington 65% divorce rate, and Canada almost across the board at 50%?

Peter: Those are very interesting statistics. It used to be that 75% of marriage tend to fail. Now, its the same % for small businesses. What is business? You look at all aspects, income, expenses, and you have decisions to be made jointly. I see most marriages as a small business. There’s a household to run, bills to pay, kids, clothes, lunch, where are they going to go to school etc. While these aren’t romantic decisions, they are necessary to run a household, and a marriage. Most people are not skillful enough in running their own affairs. When you enter into a business covenant, it’s a legal agreement on paper. It’s a contract. It’s about learning how to handle responsibilities.

Michael: Do you think with this kind of information, marriage has a shot at getting better?

Peter: Its interesting. More people are living together, in partnerships that don’t have legal boundaries and they’re making those work. So at any given point they can walk. Now if they can walk, they’re less likely to be oppressive, or forceful or bossy. They can walk out saying, “Bye, see ya, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out!” That’s bringing that freedom into relationships. Those that work and are the smoothest, have the greatest amount of freedom. Freedom among both people. The old archaic version of the man being the boss over the woman, that’s crazy! We have to see each other as partners. Where we both agree to be in this thing. Allowing that understanding to permeate that’s what has it work.

Michael: I completely agree with that. Would you also say that by giving that freedom, there’s also a greater likelihood that trust will be present. Because it honours each other?

Peter: Absolutely. You cant have a great relationship without trust. You can’t have a great relationship while you are hedging your bet. If I love someone, they get all of me. All parts of me, including everything I’ve got. I don’t hold back anything. And that kind of trust, allows for great freedom in a relationship.

Michael: What can you speak to about the law of attraction, the magic if you will; the random element and way that the universe guides us along and helps us make these uncanny matches, where everything lines up perfectly for you to meet that great person at that moment?

Peter: Its everything that ever happens in our lives. Everything that happens in our lives has ever been an infinite synchronicity. The little decisions that have been made. Out of all the people we could talk to, all the little decisions we make. Here we are and we’re here talking about relationships. Who is listening to the conversation we are having, Michael? The energy, the electricity, is flowing between us. The electricity, the field is there and is happening. Its already there, but we resist it most of the time. When you take 2 people who are very aware, self contained, self satisfied… Those 2 people when they see their match, its an instant recognition.

Michael: I do know what you mean. I love that you called it ‘self satisfied.’ Mostly I called it complete, self aware, knowing who they are.

Peter: How many times one person will meet and a guy will meet a girl, and they may not be a match, or hitting it off exactly, but the girl has a cousin or a friend. Or they take you to some event, and they bring us sometimes physically together with other people… and it’s a catalyst for the process and a light goes off, and there’s a feeling you get. And BINGO! There’s a person you meet across the room, you’re in a meeting or a crowd of people, and there is that one person where your eyes meet and you go bingo.

Michael: Like you said, the sparks fly, like the electricity you spoke about earlier! Wow, this is great.

Peter: But you know Michael, there’s one thing I have to say to all the people out there looking for a relationship. Read all the books that are out there, educate yourself as to what makes a great relationship. Like anything else, inform yourself first, and educate yourself. Like anything you do in life. (He pulls out a stack of books) Katrina and I read all of those just to present a seminar on relationships. We read them all, to see what was the common thread. Out of all of them, plus our own experiences, we made these presentations to help people.

Michael: What was the common thread?

Peter: They respectfully listen to each other, they knew how to listen. How do you communicate with someone else? How do you understand what turns them on? Being conscious and aware. Conscious awareness goes with listening. You wont listen unless you’re consciously aware. If there’s too much happening in your mind and you are getting distracted, you cant. Learning to be free of your own mental stuff, comes down to letting go of it. That’s where meditation comes in. And Katrina and I have that in common, we are both long term Meditators.

Michael: How do you have such a magnificently expressive, loving relationship?

Peter: I think because both Katrina and I individually are free spirited, uninhibited, creative. It was very interesting when she quoted me in some magazine articles she had written. It was interesting because shes got several best sellers and I’ve got 29 books I’ve written. We both have this in common, writing. We love to research, we have active minds, and are curious. Bring 2 people like that together, we have so many ideas we get to bounce off of each other. I made a comment early on, I said to people ‘even if she wasn’t as beautiful, sexy and alluring as she is, I would love her for her mind.’ I love her mind, her ideas and the way she thinks. I love how much mental stimulation I get from her. And it works the other way too. (We both giggle.)

I have to say, just talking to this man, made me giggle and feel so excited! His energy is incredible! I was on a super high after and during our conversation. Thank you so much Peter.

Peter is a Chi Gong Master and is probably one of the highest, purest vibration people alive today on this earth. So much so, that bears come and play with him…. BEARS!

Playing with Bears!

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