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A letter to me in 2004.

Dear Mike,

It’s me, Michael.

I’m you 10 years from now. I just attended a great event where I asked a question about ‘arriving’ in terms of success to a panel and someone said I should write you a letter to acknowledge where I’ve come from in the past 10 years.

I know you very well. So I wanted to share some things with you from where I am standing 10 years later. Where do I start? Right now you think you know everything. And as you read these words, you are probably thinking, “What? No I don’t.” But trust me. I know you do. I am you remember?

And the truth is, that’s okay. Because where you go and what you do is perfect for where you are.

You are full of life and full of vigor. You seek justice in all situations. You care about things being ‘right’ because you are a very, very moral person. Or as your future boss, John in a few years will say, “Full of Piss and Vinegar and you want to Fuck the world!” And he’s right. You never lose that passion, and people love you for it. Although you’re not so much out to ‘fuck’ the world anymore. You’re out to love it.

Right now you are about to start and end a career as a security guard. And you’re working for a good wage. And that’s good. But that will change very soon. Lol. Oh boy will that change.

Don’t be scared. Be strong. You are special.

You are a leader. I know right now you don’t know this but you see this as potential in yourself. Fret not, it will be realized. You will be a shining light in many a dark situation. (Plus, I know you get off on that shit… All knight in shining armour and stuff. That will wear out.)

Soon, you will meet a mentor who will provide you with opportunity after opportunity. And the good news is you will take them all.

You will seize them all. Everything he throws at you.

You will impress those who doubt you and make many around you believe that you can do anything. Your parents will be very proud.

And that is a big part of your brilliance.

You will rock the world of security, loss prevention and leadership as well as management as you understand it now. And you will do well. People will look up to you and you will deal with many, many tough situations. No it doesn’t end. I’m sorry. But people will look at you and say that you are mature. And you are.

But you’re incredibly stubborn and a little naïve. Yes, I said it: Naïve. I know you hate that word…

You are about to embark on an abundant financial path and work very hard for it. Good on ya! You will be rewarded. You’re going to achieve a lot because of your honesty, sincerity and hard work. Don’t spend it all in one place.

You’re a good guy and you are loved. You’re very looked after.

The Tattoo I get on your inner forearm. (In the future, it comes to mean many things. More than you think.)

.. You know how you are able to attract great partners? Yeah? Good… Keep doing that. Haha. (Inside joke. You’ll understand soon.)

‘Know how you have pretty good relationships? But your girlfriends always seem to cry a lot whenever you fight with them? That will change.

You will change.

Turns out its not them, its you.

I know you just reacted to that statement, but trust me.

It turns out the world is holographic. And perception is projection.

What I mean by that is basically, all the things you are will manifest in your experience of life. All of your thoughts, feelings, actions and experiences shapes your world.

This will show up in your partners, your jobs, your co workers, your dreams, and more.

And the thing is, if I could, I don’t think I would stop you from going through all the low’s in your journey you will go through. You’ll learn a lot and deal with all the things that hold you back. Please don’t be mad at me. There is good reason for this.

Standing where I am, I know that there are two things that drive change:

  1. Having a deep and burning desire for something.
  2. Being present to the impacts of our ways of being on others.

You will be knocked off your fucking ass on #2. That will one hurt. But it will drive you to have huge amounts of compassion, trust and non judgment. After you work hard at changing that is…

Your friends. Oh boy. Your friends will change.

I know right now, you deeply hold onto your relationships. And that makes you special. I know right now you want to stay connected to those that you are close with. AND! I also know, it will take you far too long to let go of some people, more than others.

And you know what? That is one of the things that is holding you back.

Now more than ever, even today, I keep re-learning the lessons of whom you associate with, you become. And boundaries with certain people, especially the toxic ones, are as important as making amazing new friends.

Funny. Your relationships will become your life’s work.

Who you are now. 10 years later.

Just breathe.

I want you to know that you are loved. By more people than you can imagine. There is so much goodness coming to you.

I know right now you are pretty happy. And that is great! I know right now you have these moments of perfection where you feel like everything in life is perfect. And just the fact that you have those moments makes you special.

(How do I know so much about you? I spent a long time loving you and sometimes… a long time hating you too. [Don’t worry, I spent more time loving than hating. Cuz that’s who we are.]

We turn out good. We turn out all right. We don’t buy into BS or negative crap most of the time. We are still lovers. We are not fighters. We never have and we never will be.

Better yet, you will actually learn to bring harmony, peace and joy to others. Where I am now, I can without a doubt say that we actually cause more love to be present in the world. How cool is that?

In a little while you will be on a unimaginable journey of discovery for yourself. The world, the way things work, the way people are and so much more will blindingly change your perception.

Me? Where am I right now?

I’m great! I’m really great! I’m actually becoming better and better every day, in every way.

I have my rocky moments, don’t get me wrong. But overall, life is rollercoaster ride, and I love the ups and downs.

Oh, and if you think you look good now, wait til you grow a beard.

Mike, I can’t wait ‘til you get here.

The view is fucking spectacular.

Oh and pay attention when driving at night. You get a little sleepy and have some close calls here and there.

Thankfully, you are protected and safe. You are guided and meant for big things. Better still, pay attention to the road.

PS: Don’t take everything so seriously. At the moment, you can be very heavy and significant often. Thankfully, at 25 years old, you’ll learn that life doesn’t have to be all that way and you can choose how you want to live.


Enjoy the next 10 years…


Your brother,




(If you liked this post, stay tuned for the next one where I write a letter to my future self. To be released in a couple of days.)

PS: Don’t take everything so seriously. At the moment, you can be very heavy and significant often. Thankfully, at 25 years old, you’ll learn that life doesn’t have to be all that way and you can choose how you want to live.

Enjoy the next 10 years…

Your brother,


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