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I thought I’d share something fun with you today. It’s a small list of things my girlfriend doesn’t like about me. (That I know of!) But if I share it with you, you must read it until the end. Because there’s more to this than a long list of dislikes. Agreed?

Here it is, quick and easy for you:

11. I drive the car with one hand 90% of the time.

10. I burp out loud around her occasionally when I’m at home.

9. I make sexual jokes/references in public.

8. I sometimes yell in a loud ‘Will Ferrell’ style of voice to try and be funny.

7. I care very little for appropriate grammar use in public settings.

6. I didn’t ask her to edit this post before I published it. (We agreed she would edit my posts for me before they are published. She is a great proofreader!)

5. I make quick decisions based on my gut without a lot of research or analyzing.

4. I celebrate my wins a little too soon.

3. I adopted a dog from a shelter with my roommate today. And I complain about the ‘too many projects’ I have.

2. I use ALL CAPS to stress my points on YouTube, Facebook, some Blogs and Email sometimes.

Now, these might be small things in your mind and maybe you can or cannot see they are irrelevant… So wait for the # 1 thing my girlfriend doesn’t like about me and constantly struggles with!

1 . I am a very spiritual person. Very spiritual! And she is not. I believe in consciousness, I understand sacred geometry, I believe in energetic exchanges, I believe in the law of attraction, I believe in a higher self, I believe there is a reason we are here and we all have a purpose, I believe channeling is real, I believe we were not accidents, I believe in angels, guides and spiritual beings.

And you know what? I’m sure when she reads this post she’ll respond by saying, ‘Those aren’t things I don’t like about you… They’re just things I wish were a little different about you.’ She will say, ‘It’s not even that I don’t like these things about you.’

It’s just that for her, they aren’t qualities we think our ideal partner will possess. If she could wave a magic wand, maybe they wouldn’t be there, or they would be replaced by something else instead. (Who doesn’t want that?) But the important thing, the thing that makes her above average and magnificent in my eyes: She gets that these are qualities that are a part of me, that come with me and they make up who I am as a whole.

Hopefully, if you ask her, she could probably write her own blog post called ‘101 things I love about my boyfriend.’ (I’m hoping she could reach 101) Ideally, for every one thing she doesn’t like about me, she can come up with five things she does like. At least that’s the kind of partner I want to be.

Now here’s what is also interesting: I could actually dislike the fact that she isn’t spiritual herself, couldn’t I? But I don’t. To me it’s part of our growing together. Is it frustrating sometimes? Sure. Do I wish she would just accept the things I speak about as true? Sure. Do I let it get me down? No way. Do I love her anyway? Heck yes. Do I allow it to separate us? Not a chance. Do I enjoy our differences and look for the ways in which we can learn from each other? Abso-freaking-lutely. Do I worry about how we’ll end up together? No. I focus on the moment. I focus on our time together. I focus on loving her, and I can do that easily because I focus on choice.

I know that it all comes down to choice. Choice and commitment. That’s it.

This is the difference between choosing your partner vs. picking your partner.

Choice = Choosing free from comparisons or concerns. Choice as choice. (Some of you know what I’m talking about.)

Picking = Deciding, based on the concerns or comparisons. (Think settling, as if this were the best you could do.)

Sometimes you have to choose your partner again, and again. That’s normal. Choosing is amazing, because every time you choose them, it’s like starting all over again. Imagine, a fresh start, every time you made a choice. In the moments where we don’t see eye to eye on life or things of a spiritual nature, you can bet we still choose each other.

She said something amazing to me last night… (She is brilliant. I have to quote her.) She said, “We have our differences and we understand them and work through them. Either we will contribute to each other or realize that we are oil and water.” I added, ‘Yeah! We either kill each other or kill it together!’ She has a way with words… And I’m supposed to be the public speaker in the relationship.

I know we love each other, above all else. We have our commitment to do great things together, while we’re together and that’s where we stand.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you have found some good from it. It was truly my intention.

PS: Don’t confuse what I have shared about her with her actual level of awesomeness. My girlfriend is beyond AMAZING! I love her! She is a start up co founder at a young age, she is very intelligent, she communicates like a dream, and she has my back 100%. She supports all my goals, she laughs at my jokes, she believes in my success, she values her family like nobody’s business, she takes the time to express herself carefully, she compliments me everywhere, she tells me when I’m being an idiot. She is hot, sexy, and cares very much about others. What else could I want in a woman? Nothing. Not even the spiritual part. I’ll trade that in for everything else any day.

Please share if you think someone out there could use this right now. I would really appreciate it.

(FYI — This post was written in 2013, before I met the love of my life. The woman I am marrying very soon.)

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